It looks like Christmas 2021 shopping will be a bit different, especially with shipping and shortages. Retail experts are anticipating what holiday shoppers can expect in 2021.

Many are already counting down the days to Christmas and gift shopping is something that’s on a lot of consumers’ minds. The pandemic will play a factor in the holiday shopping season in terms of purchase trends, item shortages and shipping delays as happened last year.

Experts say that early shopping is the key to having an enjoyable 2021 holiday shopping experience. Not only are people shopping early because they anticipate delays, but most experts agree it’s the best tactic you can use to try and get online orders or in-person store purchases on time.

In addition to that, it is also projected that retail prices will soar as we get into the 2021 Holiday shopping season.

Brett Rose, founder and CEO at United National Consumer Suppliers says...."Getting ahead of the curve on holiday shopping is crucial this year. Many toymakers such as Mattel and tech manufacturers alike are struggling to navigate the supply chain and keep shelves stocked. Unfortunately, this also means they are struggling to keep prices down. Once the prime shopping season comes around, it will be too late for most."

Retail experts also expect online shopping and in-store digital experiences to see a rise due to the effects of the COVID-19 delta variant.

Gretel Going, founder of Fortune & Frame – a personalized jewelry company said..."With shipping delays, there will be products that will just simply be unavailable as we get closer to Christmas. Bulky items such as TVs, furniture, tables, and rugs are going to be the worst affected by shipping disruptions. Smaller categories such as personal accessories and jewelry will not see the same disruption due to the ability to ship by air."

Experts say that a lot of Americans who are looking to get ahead of their holiday shopping this year will have to deal with shipping delays and supply shortages even now.

Paul Magel, the president of business applications at CGS (Computer Generated Solutions), said...."Currently, many retailers are low on inventory and don’t have definitive dates to restock their shelves. Holiday shoppers will contend with lack of inventory and higher costs".

All in all, it looks like the earlier you can start your Holiday shopping this year, the better off you'll be!!

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