Abilene is known as the Story Book Capitol of the World because it showcases a varied collection of contemporary and historical storybook art, paintings, sculptures, and photographs, most of which are birthed from famous children's books. When you come to visit the Key City you will notice the artwork all around town. Thus, making Abilene the Storybook of the World.

I began wondering "What are other major cities throughout Texas known for?" When I lived in Fort Worth I learned it was known as "Cowtown" because of the Fort Worth Stockyards, which were actual working stockyards back in the early '70s.

These are the Top Fives Largest Cities in Texas and what they're known for.

  1. Houston: Is known as "Space City," because of the old "Houston We Have a Problem" NASA is also based there. Houston is also known for its professional sports teams and vibrant nightlife. The city hosts events like the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (only the largest rodeo event in the Lone Star State).
  2. San Antonio: Known as the "Alamo City" and its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, San Antonio offers a blend of cultural heritage and modern entertainment. The famous River Walk, historical sites like the Alamo, and the Fiesta San Antonio, an annual citywide celebration a major highlights.
  3. Dallas: Is known as "The Big D." This nickname represents the city's prominence however, the origin of this nickname is not known, but it originated in the 1950s. It is also known as the South's "Cosmopolitan City" for its shopping, dining, and entertainment possibilities. Dallas is home to the Texas Rangers and the best football team in the universe the Dallas Cowboys. Finally, let us not forget Uptown and Deep Ellum.
  4. Austin: Known as the "Live Music Capital of the World," and is seen as one of the most spirited music scenes in America. It also boasts a diverse culinary community with a wide array of dining experiences. The City also hosts numerous live music festivals and events. The Capital City is known for its youthful and energetic vibe in an area of town known as Sixth Street, South Congress Avenue, and Lady Bird Lake.
  5. Fort Worth: Often referred to as the "City of Cowboys and Culture," or "Cowtown." Fort Worth blends its Western heritage with the latest modern amenities. It is home to the Fort Worth Stockyards, where you can experience rodeos and western-themed attractions. The city also has a lively arts district, museums, and the most popular "Fort Worth Zoo."

So, now when you visit one of these top five cities you will know what each city has to offer. And remember, every city in Texas no matter how big or small is known for something, find out what it is, and then go visit.

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