Just another reason for a Philadelphia fan to hate a Texas team.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Nacho Homerun

Well I imagine Dallas sports fans over the next few nights will be busy watching Mavs and Stars playoffs. Fans that tuned in for some baseball last night before those games get started got to reignite the Dallas/Philadelphia rivalry. Let's face it, the Phillies and Rangers don't have any 'real beef'. Cowboys and Eagles on the other hand is real hatred that has been going on for decades. Well one Phillies fan did not have a good night last night.

Watch Homerun Ball Take Out Fan's Nachos

As you can see a small child decided to use their nacho tray as a glove. I got to be honest, the small kid is probably focused on the food and not the game. Well that home run ball obliterated the nacho tray sending it flying onto the field. The umpires originally didn't know if this was a home run, but upon review got the call right. If the ball has cheese on it, you got to call it good as one Rangers announcer said last night. Sadly, that would be the Rangers last run of the night as they would lose 5-2.

Random Fact, The Texas Rangers Invented Stadium Nachos?

In trying to find more footage of the nacho home run, you can thank the Texas Rangers for nachos at the ballpark. Apparently they were the first to ever do it back in 1976 and it was the best selling item at the ballpark that year. So the next time you enjoy some nachos at a game (even if a home run smashes them) you can thank the Texas Rangers.

Ranking Texas Rangers New Food for 2024

Yesterday it was announced that Whatabuger will be at Globe Life Field this season. That news got all the headlines, but the home of the World Series champions will have a lot more in store for 2024. So here is what I am most excited to try at a game this year. Note all photos taken from Texas Rangers X page.

Gallery Credit: Stryker

Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars History in Western Conference Finals

For the first time ever, the Dallas Stars and Mavericks have made the Western Conference Finals in their respective sports. Let's check out their history when they have made it this far in year's past.

Please note year listed is the start of the season and NOT the year the playoff game is taking place.

Gallery Credit: Stryker

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