A suspicious shooting during a Chicago White Sox baseball game last week may have been caused by a gun brought into the stadium in a bizarre way.

'Hiding It In The Folds Of Her Belly Fat'

Chicago-based ESPN radio reporter Peggy Kusinki shared on X (formerly Twitter) that the shooting that injured two people during the Aug. 25 game against Oakland was caused by a gun inside the stadium.

How did the gun get in there? According Kusinski, it was concealed in the shooter's "belly fat."

A 42-year-old woman was shot in the leg and a 26-year-old woman was grazed by a bullet on her abdomen during the fourth inning of the White Sox game according to CBS2 in Chicago.

An attorney representing the 42-year-old shooting victim told the TV station his client had nothing to do with the gun or the shots fired in the crowd.

"Our client underwent emergency medical treatment for a gunshot wound she received while attending a baseball game," attorney John Malm shared with CBS2. "She denies bringing a firearm into the stadium and further denies having anything to do with the discharge of the firearm at the stadium."

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White Sox Chairman Confident Shots Came From Outside Stadium

Chicago police are still investigating the incident. They told CBS2 the information regarding the "belly fat" claim was "not released or confirmed by the Chicago Police Department."

Chicago White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said in a news conference on Thursday that he is convinced the gunshots originated from outside Guaranteed Rated Field.

"I see virtually no possibility that the gunshots came from within the ballpark," he said. "It's totally safe to be in this ballpark. I don't think a gun has gotten past our security."

NBC5's recap of the night of the shooting incident mentioned the game continued on the field while a post-game concert by Vanilla Ice was cancelled due to "technical difficulties."

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