Other teams are not having fans at games with cases going up, Jerry wants more.

Just found out this week that my trip to Baltimore is going to suck. The Ravens have announced no fans will be in attendance for this week's game against the Titans. The Ravens have only had one game with fans in attendance this whole season. I grew up in Baltimore and have never missed a Ravens/Cowboys game. Didn't matter what city it was in, if it was preseason, I was in the stadium.

Going to be a sad game day for me on that day. The Washington Football Team and Eagles have also announced no fans in their stadiums for the upcoming games. So it was pretty shocking to me to hear today that Jerry wants more.


During a recent interview, Jerry said,"I'm very proud of the fact we do it safely, do it smartly. Our fans are very helpful to say the very least and I continue to have a progressive approach to having fans out there. That's not being insensitive to the fact that we've got a COVID outbreak and some people say maybe it is. No not when you're doing it as safe as we are and not when you're having the results we're having. Literally, we've had no one report they've had any contact and had any contact with COVID from coming to our football games, no one."

I have been to two Cowboys game this season. The Giants game and the Steelers game. The Giants game I'll say was a good representation of what Jerry was talking about. However, that Steelers game I saw several fans not sitting in seats they were not supposed to. How do I know this? The seats to adhere to social distancing are zip-tied. That way someone can't sit next to you. I saw several people plopping themselves into those seats to break the zip-ties.


I know Jerry is all about the money, but I don't think more fans is a good idea right now. I think what the Cowboys are currently doing is fine, but if you're trying to social distance. More fans does not sound smart.

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