Some places of business have adopted a mask policy during this time. This lady threw a temper tantrum and wasn't having it.

Here is my opinion, if you don't want to wear a mask, fine. However, a business can also refuse you service for not wearing a mask if that is their policy. Up in Oklahoma City, at a local Skechers store, a woman came in without a mask. Employees say they have a sign on the door that clearly states customers must wear a mask while inside the store.

The employees told the woman she had to wear a mask while she was shopping, that is when she lost it. One of the employees pulled out their phone to film the incident once the woman became aggressive. She began throwing boxes of shoes at the employees before storming out the door.

The employees say they have pressed charges against the woman and they know who she is. Simply because she left her wallet behind. They turned that over to the police along with the footage from this incident.

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