A Mess Of Sludge In Galveston Bay
GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — Experts blame a faulty valve at a wastewater treatment plant for the release of more than 135,000 gallons of partially treated sludge into Galveston Bay.
2008 Hurricane Ike Sill A Problem For County
GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — Almost eight years after Hurricane Ike, Galveston County is still dealing with damaged and abandoned property left behind.
About 500 homes qualified for grant money to be removed under a community development program and a majority of the property owners have removed the…
City Rejects Beach Construction Moratorium
GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — A divided Galveston City Council has refused to impose a moratorium on building projects on the city's beaches.
Council members voted 4-3 Thursday on a measure that would have blocked construction on the beach side of the 108-block-long Galveston seawall...