Houston-Area Resident Shares 'Scary' Details of Hurricane Harvey
I was taking a look around Facebook when I noticed my cousin, Richard Harvey, Jr. (No relation to Hurricane Harvey) when I saw how bad the water was, even north in The Woodlands. I had a chance to speak with Debra Harvey, (no relation to the Hurricane). She lives in The Woodlands in far north Harris…
Too much rain for Texas
SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Up to 10 inches of rain has fallen overnight in parts of Texas Hill Country, triggering flash flood warnings, road closures and the cancellation of classes.
Heavy rainfall fell early Friday morning in Rio, Uvalde (yoo-VAWL'-dee), Zavala (ZAH'-vah-lah) and other coun…
More Bad Weather for the Concho Valley?
As of MLK weekend, nice weather had found it's way to the Concho Valley. It seemed my pale lower legs had finally scored a vitamin D-laden shot at some freedom. Sadly, a closer look at the regional forecast suggest this brush of spring may be merely a tease...
Weather Delay Info!
Please check back regularly to this site for updated information on delays and cancellations across the Concho Valley due to weather.

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