After 6 years of legislative debate, The Safe Outdoor Dogs Act was signed into law in late 2021 and goes into effect today (Jan 18th, 2022). If you have a dog, take a moment to check this out!

This law is designed to protect dogs in a number of ways. One of them is by making it clear as to what is acceptable as shelter to protect them from the elements of bad weather and such. Before this law, there were no standards that had to be met which  sometimes had severe consequences, even death.

This law also requires providing Drinkable water for the dog. Before this law, there were no governing guidelines that required access be provided to drinkable water in Texas State Law.

Requiring safe restraints. The Safe Outdoor Dogs Act also insist on safe restraints and prohibits the use of chains and certain other devices to not be used for restraints.

One of the biggest changes the law now provides for is doing away with a 24-hour warning period which has previously been in place. Officers can now take immediate action to come to the aid of dogs that are restrained and in distress.

To find out more about the new Safe Outdoor Dogs Act including information on exceptions, acceptable tethering practices and much more information, click here.

We have many dogs in and around San Angelo and not all of them have been treated with love, compassion and the basics they need to be healthy and to live happy lives. Don't they deserve that? After all, we're talking about "Man's Best Friend"!

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