American Airlines, like all airlines, is still dealing with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of air travelers that have come with it. Adding to the airline's woes are travel restrictions throughout the United States and abroad.

In an attempt to boost travel within the United States and to help passengers avoid quarantines, American Airlines will be the first airline to offer an at-home COVID-19 test kit prior to someone's departure.

The test kits from LetsGetChecked cost $129 and use a nasal swab and PCR lab analysis. One the test is received from the lab, customers can expect results back in about 48 hours.

American Airlines will work with LetsGetChecked to expand testing and to update their passengers on which states have coronavirus-related travel restrictions.

So what happens if you take the test before flying home and end up being positive? According to FOX News, get ready to stay in the city you are in for a while:

However, travelers who test positive on-site won't be allowed to fly and will be rebooked on a flight at least 14 days after the date of their positive test, American said.

Earlier this year, American announced it would begin to offer testing to passengers traveling internationally, starting with guests flying to Jamaica and the Bahamas.

This may be just the beginning of new COVID-19 testing and verification by airlines. Most airlines say that it's too soon to know whether they will require COVID-19 vaccinations for flying, but one airline out of Australia has already said that's their future.

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