A police officer in Texas is running to support pigs.

Why A Police Officer Is Running For Pigs

Ben Mewis is a sergeant with the Austin Police Department who also loves running when he is not on patrol.

According to KXAN, Mewis is about to embark on a lengthy run that will have him trekking from Goliad to Gonzales, Texas before heading back to Austin. The run is to support a charity that has a special place in his heart, the Central Texas Pig Rescue.

"It's just my hobby, but it's helping out organizations too," Mewis told KXAN.

What Is Central Texas Pig Rescue?

Nearly 200 pigs make their home at Central Texas Pig Rescue. The group's website says all of them were rescued from abuse abandonment, neglect, slaughter and animal testing.

"Our duty is to disrupt the pig paradigm that results in them being seen as food, commodities, bred and starved to be 'micro pigs,' tested on, and under-appreciated in the scope of the animal world," Central Texas Pig Rescue states on its website.

Mewis found himself quickly becoming familiar with Central Texas Pig Rescue thanks to a 911 call.

The Pig At The Finish Line

According to KXAN, Mewis was on duty when the department received a 911 call concerning a screaming child. When the officer arrived on the scene, he was greeted by a big named Carlton instead of a child in distress.

Mewis reached out to Central Texas Pig Rescue to get Carlton some assistance.

Carlton has since left the rescue and has become a bit of an internet celebrity thanks to his insatiable appetite for pumpkins.

Now, Carlton is ready to show his appreciation for the officer.

The pig is set to be waiting for Mewis once he crosses the finish line of his run to raise money for the rescue.

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