Typically, if you want to live somewhere that you has a high chance of meeting someone famous, then you'll go to California or maybe even New York. However, Texas is actually another state that's home to many big names.

There are some celebrities who were born in Texas and decided to continue living here, like George Foreman. Others have only been in the Lone Star State for about a year after deciding to move during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Some of the more recent Texas natives include the couple Debby Ryan and Josh Dunn.

Most of these celebrities reside in either Austin or Dallas, but there are a few scattered around other parts of Texas like Waco and Terrell. Check out this list of the 36 celebrities that live in Texas. Who knows? Maybe you'll run into one of them someday.

36 Celebrities That You Might Run into in Texas

There are many celebrities that have made Texas their home. Some were born here, and others decided to make their move recently during the 2020 pandemic. These are some of the musicians, actors, athletes, and other public figures that all call the great Lone Star State home.

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