Scientists in China have genetically engineered a new kind of pig that has almost 25 percent less body fat than your average porker. The researchers say their technique could help pigs stay warmer, grow faster and healthier, which would reduce costs for breeders.

That’s great.  But, what’s it going to do to pork chops or bacon?  Or pork rinds?

Well, fortunately, pork rinds are the roasted skin of the pig.  So, does that mean you can roast a football and eat it?

I sometimes frighten myself with the questions I come up with.

Anyway, Chinese scientists may have just successfully proven that they can engineer a skinnier pig than nature, but meat lovers probably won’t be frying up the lean bacon anytime soon.

These piggies are probably not coming to market.

Most experts say they doubt that the genetically modified pigs will ever come to the USA.  FDA would probably never approve and most Americans would steer clear of genetically-altered bacon.  I know I would.

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