A 28-year-old San Angelo man was arrested for failing to identify as a fugitive from justice Tuesday night during a suspicious person call in Angelo Heights, just north of the Santa Rita neighborhood.

Handcuffs And Fingerprints

Just before 6:40 p.m., Police were dispatched to the area of N. Jefferson and W. Harris Avenue for the report of a suspicious person running around the area and going into resident’s yards.  The man was described as wearing all black with tattoos on his head. 

Police responded and observed a man who matched the subject’s description walking in the middle of the street at Harris and Adams.  When the man observed one Officer’s patrol unit, he quickly fled the area.  As the Officers continued their search, a citizen flagged them down and advised the man was concealing himself nearby between a house and a vehicle. 

As Officers began a foot-search of the area, they were approached by another citizen who said he observed their activity and presumed it may be related to a suspicious subject that he just allowed inside his home after the subject asked to use his telephone.

When Officers entered the man’s home, they immediately observed a man wearing all black with tattoos on his head.  The man initially failed to comply with the Officers’ orders but was eventually taken into custody without incident. 

When Officers asked the subject what his name was he replied, “Brian Alkaseltzer”.  Eventually, the man’s true identity was discovered to be Matthew Gerard Soto, who was wanted for an outstanding MTR Parole Warrant. 

Soto was transported to the Tom Green County Jail where he was booked for his warrant and Failing to Identify Fugitive From Justice.

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