I've heard it before. If you want to get rid of puffy eyes, use hemorrhoidal cream. There are tons of articles online that tout this as a remedy. It is not new. In fact back in 2017, Kim Kardashian's makeup artist went viral for claiming that it worksd to tighten the under eye skin and smooth wrinkles.

Obviously, this is a remedy that's a lot like the condition it is actually supposed to be used for. (Pun alert) It burns and itches its way into the news. (Sorry)

Today, a noted website, PopSugar is reporting that hemorrhoidal cream is the latest viral TikTok beauty "hack"  Indeed, a quick scan of TikTok finds a number of posts about it, like the one posted below from Sheetal Deo.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work for everyone.  There are definitely many on social media who plead with followers NOT to do this.

So, what actually is the deal?  Does it work? Yes, it can work. Hemorrhoid creams relieve irritation and swelling caused by swollen veins, so applying it in the under eye area can reduce swelling, like it does when you put it on swollen veins in your butt.  The active ingredient is a chemical called phenylephrine.  These creams also contain steroids.

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Experts interviewed for GoodRx Health said long-term use of hemorrhoidal creams with steroids may cause side effects such as:


Thinning Skin

Red and Bumpy Skin

Areas of uneven pigmentation.

If you want a safer way to reduce puffiness around the eyes and tighten saggy skin, dermatologists recommend:

Wearing Suncscreen

Using Moisturizer

Getting enough sleep and

Talking with your dermatologist about using retinol like tretinoin to rejuvenate the under eye area.

Someone you know will definitely be all abuzz in the next few days as this latest TikTok trend continues to grow. You might even smell Preparation H randomly and you know you're not using it. Just chalk it up to TikTok being TikTok. It's just a matter of time before someone turns it all around and goes viral for using eye drops to soothe the painful burning and itch of hemorrhoidal pain. When it happens, that's will be another TikTok trend you'll be better off to ignore.



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