We've all heard the expression: "Like a bull in a china shop".  How about we change it up a little to: "Like a Cowboy in a chocolate shop".  Cowboy-Up chocolates might just be the best little chocolate house in Texas. The best part is that it's right in the heart of San Angelo at 6 E. Concho Avenue.

If it were possible to gain weight from looking at pictures of great chocolate, then just shopping the delicious treats on the Cowboy-Up Chocolates website and  the Facebook page would certainly do it.

The story of Cowboy-Up chocolates is truly a West Texas success story. It sprung from one man's love of chocolate.  That man was James Crowder.  In 2003, according to the Cowboy-Up Chocolates website, when James was creating what would later become the original "Concho Caramel", the idea for the shop began.

As James was accumulating honors and being internationally recognized, Cowboy-Up Chocolates was dazzling chocolate lovers, not just here at home but around the world.  Cowboy-Up was even  made an MGM Vendor for the Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. At the International Chocolatiers Convention in New York, Cowboy Up won First in new flavors for Almonds de Leche and First in Marketing for Wooden Roses.

James Crowder retired and sold the business in November 2019. As much as he loved chocolate, the new owner, Misty Mullin, might love it even more.  Since the sale, the business has been featured in Retail Confectionary Magazine and Texas Highways Magazine.

The accolades and innovative chocolate treats just keep coming at Cowboy-Up Chocolates. Perhaps the best news of all, they have teamed up with San Angelo To-Go to offer sweet treat local deliveries right to your door.

Whether is be Concho Caramel, Almonds de Leche, Texas Tumbleweeds or Bronco Brittle, there are not bad choices. Just a luxury of quality you would expect to find in Switzerland or other world class chocolate destinations. Instead, you find it right here, deep in the heart of Texas. As any cowboy in a chocolate shop can tell you, the hardest part is choosing a favorite at Cowboy-Up Chocolates.

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