It's been a long time since the Dallas Cowboys last won the Super Bowl. The last time was back on January 28th, 1996. Since then, the world has changed a ton.

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I've been a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan for as long as I can remember. No matter what our record is, I'm #DC4L. But, like me, fans are growing more frustrated each year as the hype around the Cowboys is always, "This is our year!"

Since the year we beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX, the Cowboys have not only been to the big dance, there have been many life-changing creations.

The ways we communicate, cook, watch TV, vacation, and even consume nicotine have all changed, drastically.

The evolution of cell phones seems to have made the most significant changes since America's Team last won the big game. Then again, the Cowboys did go from Texas Stadium to AT&T Stadium so their evolution has been quite dramatic as well. That evolution just hasn't included winning the championship.

AT&T Stadium isn't the only NFL-related thing that has happened since the Cowboys' last championship. While not an invention, per se, those 7 Lombardi trophies and Super Bowl rings that Tom Brady has all occurred following that big win in 1996.

What's even crazier is that some things were invented AND became obsolete since the Dallas Cowboys won their last Super Bowl, back in 1996. You'll see what I mean when you check out the gallery below.

So, while fans are getting ready to say "this is our year" and "#DC4L", let's take a look at some life-changing inventions that have been made since the 'Boys last won a bowl.

These Things Didn't Even Exist the Last Time the Cowboys Won a Super Bowl

It's been so long since the Cowboys have won the Super Bowl, we decided to take a look at things that were invented since their last Lombardi trophy in 1996.

Gallery Credit: Chaz

Even though the Dallas Cowboys haven't won the big game in a very long time, they've still had some incredible talent, especially at pass rushers. So, take a gander at the gallery below featuring the Best Pass Rushers in Cowboys History.

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