Cowboys fans, here's a way for you to help out Day Nursery of Abilene and win the ultimate game experience from VIP Sports Getaway.

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VIP Sports Getaway has launched a raffle to benefit Day Nursery of Abilene, an organization ensuring affordable childcare is available to everyone regardless of income. So, you can help out the cause and additionally win an incredible VIP experience when the Cowboys face the Eagles on December 10th.

What Do You Win?

  • 2 tickets in a luxury suite with food and beverages included
  • Hotel stay at Worthington Renaissance in Ft. Worth
  • VIP transportation to and from the game
  • 2 tickets to the Bill Bates Ultimate Tailgate party across from the stadium
  • 2 Bill Bates signed jerseys
  • 2 meet-and-greets with Cowboys alumni players
  • 2 sideline passes before the game
  • 2 field passes after the game
  • 2 passes to the post-game press conference

How Do You Win?

Simply text DNARAFFLE2023 to 4144 or you can scan the QR code from the image below. Each raffle ticket costs $20 with proceeds going to Day Nursery of Abilene. Get more details about the raffle at Potosi Live.

Photo: VIP Sports Getaway
Photo: VIP Sports Getaway

This is the ultimate experience for any Cowboys fan. Plus each raffle ticket will help out a very worthy cause. Trust me, I've been to many of these tailgate parties and it's an experience within itself. You're literally across the street partying before the game. Then, a short walk across the street and you're right in the middle of the action.

Again, just click the QR Code above or text DNARAFFLE2023 to 4144 to win this amazing package and help out Day Nursery of Abilene, courtesy of VIP Sports Getaway.

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