Somethin' is cookin' in the Big Country, and it's giving off quite a delightful aroma. Pretty sure it's The Bacon Brothers. Presented by The Paramount Abilene, the sizzling siblings and their band have been rescheduled to perform on Thursday, January 18, 2024. Tickets that have already been purchased will be honored.

Not familiar with The Bacon Brothers? Maybe you've heard of Kevin Bacon? Yes, THAT Kevin Bacon. Kevin and his Emmy-winning-composer brother Michael - though playing music together since childhood - started performing formal gigs in 1994. Since then they've recorded multiple albums and endured multiple food jokes.

The Bacon Brothers
The Bacon Brothers

Join us for an evening of "forosoco", The Bacon Brothers' self-dubbed genre of folk, rock, soul, and country (also the title of their 1997 debut album). With a little bit of everything tossed into the brothers' "forosoco" genre, dare we label it...Bacon bits? We may have just titled their next album.

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