If you own a home in Texas, make sure you're not giving any 'green lights' to would-be house burglars.

These are things I've been considering lately regarding my own home near Tyler, Texas. Although I do have a quite robust security system, it is still good to be aware of things that may make your home a target for burglars. Honestly, just the thought of it disturbs me. Even if I know they can't get in without being caught, imagining a burglar in my home freaks me out, you know what I mean?

For many of us, getting ready to go out of town is already stressful. I mean, the planning, the packing, and making sure your fur babies are cared for is already enough. But then, adding on the worry of a potential home break-in can stress us right the heck on out. (Well, that also worrying about whether or not you left the gas stove running. Been there.)

A recent article shared by Reader's Digest outlined some of the most common things homeowners in Texas may do that could make their homes a potential target for intruders.

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If you have a security system of some kind or at least a camera with an app you can monitor on your phone--fantastic! But still, it doesn't make sense that we wouldn't do our best to deter burglars altogether. Even if they won't be able to get in and out without law enforcement showing up, most of us don't like the idea of strangers prowling about our properties.

So, check out the 15 things homeowners in Texas may be doing (or not doing) that may make their homes a burglary target:

15 Things Homeowners Do that Make Them a Target for Burglars

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