The Dallas Cowboys QB And Former NFL Man Of The Year Was Facing A Very Ugly Situation In Court.

Dak Prescott has been known as one of the few athletes that stay out of legal trouble throughout his career but he recently had to deal with a headline grabbing sexual assault case the Pro-Bowler vehemently denied.

The case stemmed from an alleged incident that occurred in 2017 in which a woman said Prescott assaulted her in the back of an SUV in a strip club parking lot.


According to a report from ESPN, in January, attorneys Bethel and Yoel Zehaie sent a letter on behalf of a woman accusing Prescott of sexual assault in February 2017. In the letter, the attorneys stated that the woman was "willing to forego pursuing criminal charges, along with disclosing this information to the public, in exchange for compensating her for the mental anguish she has suffered."

The woman and her attorney were seeking damage of $100 Million.

Prescott denied the claims and filed a countersuit.


In March, Prescott filed a suit seeking monetary relief in excess of $1 million. A few weeks later in May, Dallas police elected to not pursue sexual assault charges against him after detectives determined there was insufficient evidence an offense was committed.

Prescott's attorneys called the woman's allegations an "extortion case" and went on to add the case was "an affront to all the true survivors of sexual assault."

Collin County Judge Angela Tucker Dismissed The Case On Wednesday (June 26).


Judge Tucker set a Sept. 13 hearing to determine whether sanctions should be levied against the woman and her legal team as Prescott's countersuit remains active as well as potential extortion charges against the woman and her attorneys in Collin County, according to Prescott's attorney, Levi McCathern.

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