I’ve recently been on a kick of watching ‘The Real Housewives’, specifically the original seasons of the New York City girls. The relationships, drama, and sheer amount of money dripping off of most of these women makes for a fascinating spectacle.

It had me thinking, if there were ‘The Real Housewives of Lubbock’, what would it look like?

First, we have to cast the women. I think there would have to be someone that comes from oil money, someone who’s family has a very long legacy at Texas Tech, a successful Real Estate Agent, someone who is a part of a major storage unit company, and an ‘underdog’ that owns a successful local business.

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I think a great example of what an episode could look like would involve a Texas Tech Alumni event, a dinner at a nice restaurant, a round of golf, and shopping at Lubbock boutiques.

A couple of the women would go out golfing together in the morning, gossiping and talking about any of the other girls that aren’t there. While that is happening, the rest are shopping at some local boutiques, also gossiping, but mostly spending and absurd amount of money.

Later that evening, some of the women from both groups go out for dinner and cocktails, sharing all of the gossip that was shared earlier that day. Someone gets upset over what was said, and they swear they have to talk to whoever said it at the big alumni event coming up.

All of the women are at the Alumni event, all is well for the first while, until someone brings up the drama between the two feuding women. An argument ensues, nasty things are said, one of them leaves the event in a huff, and the episode ends ‘To be continued…’

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