I always get a chuckle when players are reported to "be on campus" after a season ends. To my knowledge, the student-athletes still go to class even when the games end. I get that there are exceptions to that, but a player who isn't in the portal or announced any kind of future plans is assumed on campus until proven otherwise to me.

That's why last night's giant news break of Kevin Obanor being on campus didn't really move the needle for me. I mean, he's still got classes right? Even if he goes pro, he'll be on campus until the end of April. Maybe I'm wrong and all college basketball players just completely bail on the University and Obanor being in Lubbock is huge news, but I just don't see it that way.

The news about Obanor's whereabouts first broke on Twitter last night when a Texas Tech reporter from Red Raider Sports sent this out:

The context for the Tweet above comes from an Interview Mark Adams did while at a meet and greet at United Supermarkets. Pete Christy from KCBD interviewed coach Adams and talked about Terrence Shannon, Kevin McCullar, and Kevin Obanor.

The quote on Obanor starts at 2:19 below, but the most important line from Adams is, "We think he's going to be a Red Raider next year."

So yes, Obanor is "weighing his options", but it certainly sounds like you can be optimistic about him being a Texas Tech Red Raider for one more season.

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