Living in Lubbock can sometimes feel like a roller coaster when it comes to what goes on in our community, especially during times of crisis or uncertainty. But there are angels who are doing what they can to help others in the best of ways.

The pandemic, known as COVID-19, recognizes no boundaries and is not prejudice when it comes to race or nationality. The virus will continue to spread and, unfortunately, lives will continue to be lost as a result.

A shortage of groceries and necessary household items such as toilet paper, paper towels and disinfectant products has created an atmosphere in our community that is shameful. People hoarding items and fighting about who is most needy and least of all treating one another as though we are enemies.

Right now there is only one enemy, and it is unseen, unheard and, for the most part, unknown to scientists and doctors.

In the face of this worldwide struggle to combat the coronavirus are glimmers of silver lining and bright shining stars amongst our friends and neighbors.

One of those stars is Tracy Moreno of Lawn Pros. You may not know Tracy, but you know his work on Lubbock's 'Smiling Bush.'

On Sunday, March 23rd, Tracy and a small group of others decided to ask their neighbors for help to set up a pantry swap for those in most need of certain items. Tracy said that they had great success in finding people willing to donate unused items.

Tracy Moreno , Lawn Pros

Later in the day, Tracy wrote to me again to let me know about the amazing turn-out and to mention that he received more donations from neighbors than what was taken.

Tracy Moreno , Lawn Pros

Others within our community are looking out for their neighbors as well, and the more we can unite to be good to each other, the better we will all be when this crisis is finally averted.

If you or someone you know is planning to host a neighborhood pantry we'd love to hear about it.