I'm a big Patrick Mahomes fan, but this much Mahomes is a little too much, even for me.

A superfan caught up with Mahomes while the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was playing in a golf tournament and got him to sign the Patrick Mahomes tattoo on his arm. One day later, Mahomes took to Twitter to say that the autograph had been permanently tattooed on the arm of the fan.

Just judging this book by its cover, I don't think he's a Kansas City superfan as much as he's just a Mahomes superfan. Sure, the fan has a Chiefs hat and shorts to go along with his Chiefs shirt, but that jersey he's rocking is a Twins jersey.

You might be asking why that makes him a bigger Mahomes fanatic than a Chiefs fanatic. I'll tell you why. That jersey, I'm betting, is a Patrick Mahomes, Sr. uniform from when the quarterback's father was a pitcher in the Major Leagues.

Actually, it's kind of awesome.

Side note: can we talk about Patrick Mahomes' autograph for a second?

If you gave me that autograph with no context, I'd have zero chance to read that as 'Patrick Mahomes.' Thankfully, most autograph scenarios include some context, you know, like the tattoo of the man in question right behind the autograph, but still.

I guess I can't really talk too much crap; my penmanship is second-rate as well.

You know what? You do you, Patrick! You scribble that name. It's working for you.

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