Mike Leach is a lot of things, but above all, he's entertaining.

That's why this multi-million dollar per year football coach is on Cameo. I guess I don't know that for sure, but I'm assuming he doesn't need the money. He does make $150 per video, though.

Leach's foray into Cameo has been an eventful one. If you're unaware of the Cameo app, it's a platform that allows celebrities to offer a service of making personal shoutout videos for a fee. Not only is Leach entertaining, but he also really enjoys talking, which is just another reason he does these videos.

The latest viral clip from Leach's Cameo account was directed to a Texas Longhorns fan who's never attended a UT win even though he's been to plenty of games. Leach uses that bit of knowledge to say the Longhorns fan getting the shoutout was probably there in 2008 when Mike Leach and the Red Raiders beat the top-ranked Longhorns in Lubbock.

Leach had plenty to say about his current team, the Mississippi State Bulldogs, in relation to the Longhorns, too, saying the SEC isn't afraid of a team who just went 5-7 in Big 12 play.


Leach goes on to say that he wanted to personally offer tickets to any event in which his Bulldogs are playing the Texas Longhorns in future SEC competition as to not take any chances and guarantee a Longhorns loss with their bad luck charm in attendance.

Maybe this Loser Longhorn will also be in attendance on Saturday, February 19th when Texas Tech plays basketball against the Longhorns and goes for the season sweep.

Texas Tech Dominates Mississippi State at AutoZone Liberty Bowl (December 28th, 2021)

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