If your like me and have been missing Chris Mortensen's face on ESPN's coverage of the NFL this season, Here's why. He's been on a leave of absence since last January, when he was diagnosed with Stage IV throat cancer.

Wednesday, Mortensen released a statement via ESPN's Media Zone, saying "“I received very encouraging news last week from my oncologist team of doctors at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center that now enables me to completely focus on recovery rather than treatment.”

He went on to say in his statement, “The Stage IV throat (oropharyngel) cancer that was diagnosed in early January and treated with intensive chemotherapy and radiation has been virtually reduced to zero detection of the disease through the latest scans and exams.”

While he remains on official leave and with no specified date set for his return, he did say in the statement, that he hopes to “participate in NFL coverage on a limited basis as the 2016 season gets underway.”

Chris has been a big part of ESPN's NFL coverage since 1991.

Get well soon Chris! As fans, we look forward to your return, to the business of doing what you love.


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