I see where New Mexico has relaxed their laws on marijuana as of Friday. Now anyone 21 and older can legally purchase up to 2 ounces of marijuana in New Mexico and there's more.

New Mexico has had a medical marijuana program since 2007 but there were a lot of restrictions and guidelines. This new law is a big game changer!

Those who are interested in farming marijuana crops are already busy trying to get start up loans, learning how to raise cannabis and researching ways to market their product.

With the laws allowing New Mexico to legalize pot, the United States now has 18 states that have legalized pot for recreational use and Texas is not among them.

I have mixed feelings about whether or not Texas and the rest of the country for that matter should legalize it as well. One thing that would certainly happen is that the more readily available it is having been grown in the U.S., that would certainly cut into huge profits cartels are enjoying now, I'm sure it would create jobs & boost the economy among other positives that could be realized.

One thing is for sure! If somebody wants something, they will find it somewhere. Not unlike dry counties that won't sell alcohol. All of that revenue goes in many cases, to an adjacent county that does sell it. Look how much revenue is generated by our neighboring states when it comes to gambling. Most of those casino parking lots are packed with Texas license plates boosting their economy instead of ours in Texas.

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These are just a few things to think about before taking a hard stand in saying....No!! We won't have that here!! Yes you will. They just didn't get it here!!

Love to hear your thoughts if you would like to comment.

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