Yesterday, the NFL gave fans an opportunity to watch a playoff game like never before. The New Orleans Saints hosted the Chicago Bears as part of Super Wild Card Weekend, and the game was also seen on Nickelodeon. It featured a completely different broadcast team of Noah Eagle, Nate Burleson, and Gabrielle Nevaeh Green. Eagle's dad Ian is one of the top sports broadcasters in the country and the 24-year old Noah is the radio voice of the Los Angeles Clippers. Burleson played in the NFL for 11 seasons and he is a member of the Seattle Seahawks 35th anniversary team. Green is a regular on Nick's programming like "All That" and "Unfiltered" but she has no NFL knowledge.

Sadly, Nick made more headlines for the F-Bomb uttered by Bears receiver Cordarrelle Patterson which was picked up on their telecast rather than the unique features of the game broadcast.

The three biggest takeaways were:
1. Simplifying the game for people who are not diehard football fans.

2. Using virtual slime cannons in the end zone for touchdowns.

3. Field goal attempts with a giant Sponge Bob graphic between the uprights.

As for the postgame celebration, Saints head coach Sean Payton was a good sport and lived up to his promise which allowed himself to get slimed if his team won the wild Card game.

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