Reality shows like COPS, First 48, or Live PD would no longer be allowed to film in Texas if this bill passes.

Texas District 52 Representative James Talarico has filed a bill that would ban state and local police contracts with reality television crews following the death of Javier Ambler while in the custody of Williamson County Sheriff’s deputies. In case you don't remember, Javier Ambler was chased by police back in 2019 while they were filming the show 'Live PD'.

After a stun gun was used on him while being arrest. He let police know he could not breathe and that he had congestive heart failure. The stun gun was used on him four times, after the fourth he lost consciousness. Live PD filmed the incident and producers said the evidence of the death was destroyed. This is one of the incidents that led to the show being cancelled back in June.

“Policing is not entertainment,” Talarico said in his news release. “In the tragic murder of Javier Ambler, we saw what happens when law enforcement leaders are more interested in boosting their ratings than protecting our communities. I hope Democrats and Republicans will come together to pass this bill to protect our citizens and restore trust in law enforcement.”

"It means a lot to me and my family," Javier's sister Kim said. "I feel like if 'Live PD' was not there that day, my brother would be here today. I honestly believe that in my heart. So in order not to have anyone deal with this, I feel like police work isn't entertainment."

House Bill 54 is also named the Javier Ambler Law. We will see what happens when the legislative session resumes in January.

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