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Well, this is interesting.

The Austin-Travis County Sobering Center announced on Monday that they will no longer separate men and women in different dorms. Instead, they will separate people by substance. According to KLBJ:

“Someone using a depressant will likely need things like rest while those using stimulants will have more energy and be looking for ways to engage,” officials said Monday in a press release.  “The new dorm has things like bean bags, crafts, television, and other tactile activities. Ultimately this change allows staff to provide the best care possible in a more fitting environment.”

Former center board member Doug Smith said the change can impact the lives of those who are desperate for drugs.

“People who have committed robberies or burglaries and things like that, they will tell you that it’s out of desperation for more drugs,” Smith said.  “If someone could have intervened at the point that they’re clearly a threat to themselves, or to others, and they could be in a space where they could safely sober up and not lose their minds, it would make all the difference.

So, here's a question for me. Is this an LBGTQ thing or something? Austin is a progressive area and a lot of people there feel they need to identify their gender without regard to birth gender. Is this policy a way to appease those who don't want to be identified by their birth gender?

One other thing, a big contributing factor to sexual abuse is alcohol and drug use. And now you're going to put men and women who are drunk or high together? That sounds dangerous to me and could open the county up to a litany of lawsuits.

What is your reaction to men and women being housed together in the same drunk tank in Austin? Tell us what you think on Facebook or on our station app.

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