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As a member of the generation who grew up watching the Final Destination horror movie franchise, I'm probably a little overly aware of what freak accidents can happen, especially when driving (which was basically the plot of the entire second movie).

I avoid driving behind any vehicle hauling anything whenever possible. I've never seen a truck hauling logs per se around these parts, but there are plenty of other materials that could become deadly. Unfortunately for a Texas man in Harris County, he collided with a truck hauling rebar. Rebar is steel rods with irregular surfaces that are used to fortify concrete.

The incident happened around 3:30 a.m. on August 10th, 2021 on State Highway 225 in the Deer Park area. The 18-wheeler was pulled off on the side of a feeder road adjacent to the highway with hazards on, as the driver of that vehicle was sleeping while waiting to deliver the rebar. The driver awoke when the collision happened to find a man had struck him from behind and had become impaled by the rebar. The man reportedly had "no signs of life" upon discovery.

Beyond the gruesome nature of the crash, there's a bit of a mystery involved as well, according to ABC 13 in Houston:

"There are no pre-impact skid marks, anything like that, to indicate he maybe lost control or looked up at the last minute or tried to stop... He just appeared to have failed to drive in a single lane," Cheek said.

Investigators are not sure if the victim possibly fell asleep or had a medical emergency in the moments before the fatal crash.

At this point the man who died in the accident has not been identified publicly beyond his description: "a Hispanic male in his 30s or 40s who was wearing a work shirt at the time of the collision."

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