Now this is putting your money where your mouth is as one of the biggest names in the furniture business, "Mattress Mac" places a bet of 4.5 Million dollars on the Cincinnati Bengals to win Sunday's Big Game over the Los Angeles Rams!!

That is the largest mobile wager ever made in the history of sports betting. CBS Sports says he placed the bet through his mobile betting account with Caesars Sportsbook  from a gas station just across the state line in Louisiana.

The payoff on his 4.5 Million dollar bet could win him 7.7 million dollars if the Bengals win! According to, Jim McIngvale, better known as Mattress Mack is said to have a net worth of $300 million!

Caesars representatives said "McIngvale's bet marks the single biggest mobile sports wager of all-time and the second-largest Super Bowl wager in history."

In addition to the wager, Mattress Mack is making an incredible offer to his customers who make a qualifying purchase in buying a Tempur-Pedic sleep set for $3,000 or more at his Gallery Furniture stores. Their bedroom set will be FREE if the Cincinnati Bengals win Sunday's game!!

Mattress Mack loves to bet big money on sports. Sometimes he wins and sometimes he doesn't. He lost at least $3 million on the Astros when they lost to the Braves in the 2021 World Series.

If you're wondering how much money overall will will be bet on this years Big Game, The American Gaming Association is expecting U.S. bettors to wager close to $8 billion on Super Bowl LVI, nearly double the current record of $4.3 billion from Super Bowl LV. That figure includes both legal and illegal, online and in-person bets!

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Good luck to you and your favorite team, especially if you are wagering on the game!!

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