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There are probably two arguments to this story. For a long time, college athletes have received scholarships to play sports for their universities. Some think that arrangement is fair. Some think it's not enough.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has allowed those athletes to be compensated for the use of their names, images and likeness. This has been a no-no for the NCAA for a long time, but now college athletes in Texas will be allowed to get paid for use of their likeness thanks to a bill signed by the governor.

In the past, the NCAA has not allowed student athletes to even get jobs to earn extra money. Athletes received a scholarship, room and board and a stipend from their school. College athletes have said for years they are not compensated enough.

My opinion until about 20 years ago was on the side of the universities. That was when I saw Texas A&M play Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl.

I got to the game outside of the Louisiana Superdome and all I saw were vendors selling merchandise, advertising banners all over the place and food venders selling overpriced hot dogs, water and other delicacies. There were people slinging stuff and making money all over the place all around the Superdome.

Not only was that going on in and around the dome, but the game was televised and commercials broadcasted during the game were sold for millions of dollars.

I got to thinking, there would be none of the advertising, none of the food, none of the merchandising there if it weren't for the players. And what's their take out of the millions of dollars being spent to come see them play? Nothing. Yes, they were receiving scholarships, but their coaches were being compensated millions, plus they get endorsement deals. What was the players' cut for that? Again, nothing.

So my opinion changed that day when it comes to compensating college athletes, especially football players. I think this bill signed by the governor is a step in the right direction for players to get fairly compensated for bringing millions of dollars to their respective schools.

So what do you think? What is your opinion of college athletes and college football player, basketball players and other athletes being compensated for their likeness. Tell us on Facebook or chat with us on our station app.

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