You probably have seen a video going around the past few weeks about a 'cure' for Covid-19. The Texas Medical Board says it could take action against physicians who advertise this claim.

The video going around has been taken down by pretty much every social media or video site when it went viral over a week ago. It features a group of doctors in Washington D.C. talking about hydroxychloroquine being a cure for Covid-19. A doctor that got a lot of attention because of this video is Dr. Stella Immanuel who practices in Katy, Texas.

KPRC over in Houston decided to go check in with her since she is just a short drive away. She is not backing down on hydroxychloroquine being a cure for Covid-19. She also isn't backing down from her other videos going viral claiming that demons have sex with you in your sleep. That video can be seen below.

The Texas Medical Board has apparently issued a warning to Dr. Emmanuel about a cure for Covid-19. “In the past week there was a widely published claim of a “cure” for COVID-19,” the board said in a statement posted Tuesday. “As we are all aware the medical community is still learning, researching and gaining understanding of the virus. While there are drugs and therapies being used to treat COVID-19, there is no definitive cure at this time,” the board said.

“Both patients and physicians have a right to decide what treatment may be used for COVID-19. The Board does not issue endorsements of the use of any specific drugs or treatments for COVID-19, but any treatment decision must be made with full, proper and accurate disclosure by a physician,” the board said in the statement .“The board may also investigate complaints for false, misleading or deceptive advertising, which could include for assuring a permanent cure for an incurable disease.”

We will see what punishments the Texas Medical Board will distribute if Dr. Immanuel does not stop and it doesn't sound like she plans on stopping anytime soon.

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