There are a few years to go, but Patrick and Brittany Mahomes released their gender reveal video for baby number 2, and let's just say, Texas Tech Football needs to get those recruiting letters ready.

I guess I could say spoiler alert, but I already spoiled what the video reveals.

You can still watch it, though.

As with most gender reveal videos, the dad has a sense of relief wash over his face when it's shown that the next baby will be a boy. I know Patrick Mahomes loves Sterling very much, but I think that deep down all fathers want at least one son.


If Baby Mahomes does end up choosing to be an athlete in college, he'll be blessed with a great pool of genes. Not only from his father, the NFL MVP, or his grandfather the former MLB pitcher, but his mom, who also played collegiate and professional soccer.

The arm will likely be gifted with so much pitching talent in his genes that both Mahomes and Mahomes II were drafted into the major leagues, with Patrick opting to head to Texas Tech to become a dual-sport athlete instead. That obviously worked out for him and ended in an NFL career.

If Tim Tadlock makes it another 18 years as head coach of Texas Tech Baseball (hey, coaches have spanned 30 years at the same program before!), he'll also have his eye on the young Mahomes, who'll probably throw in the upper 90s.

One record he'll be able to beat from his dear old dad if this all happens is Patrick's infinity ERA from his lone appearance on the mound for the Red Raiders.

Whatever happens, that's all in the distant future. Best wishes to the Mahomes Family and their future child.

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