The AirRaiders came together quickly this summer and is finally ready for The Basketball Tournament.

The team is being coached by Luke Adams, a staff member at Texas Tech and son of Mark Adams, and boasts a who's who of former Red Raiders.

The team is represented by players from Tubby Smith's tenure all the way through to Mark Adams' tenure. Tariq Owens and Matt Mooney, from the National Championship appearance team, have reunited. Zhaire Smith and Zach Smith are on the team and can still jump out of the gym. Justin Gray, Parker Hicks, Niem Stevenson and Davion Warren are also on the team and ready to take on the B1 Ballers on Friday, July 22nd.

The team was originally supposed to take on the Stillwater Stars, the Oklahoma State alums, but they had to drop out. Enter: the B1 Ballers.

No matter who the opponent is, Tariq Owens will absolutely yam on some fools.

So will Zach Smith.

Man, I missed those guys and their alley-oops in the last several seasons. The dunks and the dance moves.

You can watch the AirRaiders on the ESPN app, with tip-off scheduled for 3 p.m.

Not only do the AirRaiders have an alum for a coach and players, they also have a couple of GMs in Andrew Sorrels and Clark Lammert who are former players. Also, if you tune in and don't recognize somebody on the team, don't worry. They've got a couple of ringers from college basketball over the last few seasons.

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