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Calling all aquarium hobbyists and fish lovers, this year’s Aquashella will take place at the Dallas Market Hall on August 6 and 7, 2022.

Aquashella is the largest aquarium event in America that features freshwater and saltwater fish, alongside reptiles and aquatic art. This is your chance to see a huge variety of fish that you might not find at your local aquarium store, as well as meet like-minded people.

As a beginner aquarium hobbyist, I would love to attend an event like this. Especially because all of my favorite ‘FishTubers’ will be in attendance. Creators like KA Tropicals, Aquarium Coop, Primetime Aquatics, and Girl Talks Fish will be in attendance. These YouTubers will be available for meet and greets, and some will even be featured as speakers to talk about the hobby.

Along with these special guests, there will be a variety of contests taking place. The contests for this year’s event include an American Shrimp Contest, Creators Challenge, and Aquascaping contests. If you think you have what it takes, you should definitely enter one of these contests.

As someone that loves events like this where like-minded people come together to share their passions, my favorite thing to check out is the vendors. Aquashell displays the largest collection of aquatic vendors, from freshwater, saltwater, reptiles, and more. The large vendor’s hall will be full of fish for you to look at and purchase as the newest addition to your aquarium.

For more information about the event, including ticket pricing, vendors, and more, you can visit the official Aquashella website.

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