Have you seen The Mummy trailer yet? Looks pretty cool, right? Tom Cruise seemingly comes back from the dead after a plane crash and has to stop an evil mummy princess from burying the world’s iconic landmarks in sand. We even mashed the trailer up with Mission: Impossible and created the Ultimate Tom Cruise Movie Crossover. But the only thing better than a movie trailer is a fabulously glitchy movie trailer, and Universal unwittingly gifted us with one last night, in the form of The Mummy, feat. Tom Cruise Screaming.

Unfortunately the original upload was taken down, probably after some angry phone calls from a certain famous actor’s publicist who didn’t want their client’s eardrum-shattering scream to become a million people’s new ringtone (too late), but since this is the Age of Information, everything is forever, and a kind soul uploaded the video again on Twitter.

At first, the silence is kind of experimental and cool. But then. They start grunting. The star of this first big sequence is obviously Tom Cruise’s Big Yell, with his other yell (that the trailer puts in again immediately afterward!) as Best Supporting Actor and Annabelle Wallis’ strangled “MMM!” as her parachute yanks her out of the plane taking Best Actress. And why do all the men’s screams sound (relatively) normal while her screams have an echo effect over them?

The rest of the trailer isn’t as weird, but man, that first minute or so is fantastically awkward, and it also really shows the lengths these people go to to make these trailers. Can you imagine Tom Cruise just standing in a sound studio and screaming his head off for art? I’m keeping this audio file forever.

The Mummy (hopefully with sound effects) hits theaters June 9, 2017.

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