In hindsight, Texas Tech acquitted themselves well over the weekend. Just like they'd done in the previous two NCAA Regionals that the Red Raiders had hosted in Lubbock. They pushed their win streak in the regional round to 9 straight this weekend by sweeping their third straight NCAA Regional, only one of two teams in the NCAA that can say they've done that.

What's crazy though, is that up until this weekend the Super Regional was always set up better for a team like Texas Tech to perform better in as opposed to the Regional.

A scary thought, but one that we've been discussing on Ryan Hyatt's Raiderland for weeks. The man himself dedicated tonight's Daily Broadcast to it:

The thought is simple, Texas Tech's pitching depth after a slew of injuries sets up better in a best of three series as opposed to the double-elimination regional.

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Even though you got clean innings from Andrew Devine and Derek Bridges this weekend, those two guys haven't been consistent. Particularly Devine. Before the final weekend of the regular season, Texas Tech didn't have a credible 4th starter. Ryan Sublette and Connor Queen were the only two relievers in The Raiderland's circle of trust. All that being said, a best of three series allows this team to focus on winning two games with a front-loaded pitching rotation.

Even without Devine and Bridges, Texas Tech looks fairly lethal in a best of three series. The emergence of Chase Hampton in the rotation allows Micah Dallas to make the full-time move to the closer role, a role he has been dominant in stretching back to last season. It also allows Sublette and Queen to both go multiple innings if needed with the thought that they can get the game to Dallas to close. Patrick Monteverde, Mason Montgomery, and Chase Hampton with those three bullpen arms? In a best of three? Sign me up.

The offense has been here all season, now the pitching is falling into place.

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