Today is National Ice Cream Day. Here in San Angelo we have some great choices. The one choice that consistently rates the highest with reviews galore is The Latest Scoop. The Latest Scoop is off the beaten path, but natives of San Angelo know there is no equal when it comes to ice cram.  They're at 37A West Concho in San Angelo.  If you want to taste ice cream that's not just good, but elevated to art, then The Latest Scoop is the perfect way to celebrate a day dedicated to this incredible dessert.

What makes The Latest Scoop so successful? To quote their website: "The Latest Scoop makes irresistible, delicious and sweet handmade ice cream from the freshest and finest ingredients. Then we sprinkle in a little bit of love and happiness. We have been making ice cream as a family for generations and we love sharing our recipes with everyone that visits our store."

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As important are quotes from customers. Trip Advisor has many from satisfied customers who give the spot 5 out of 5 stars.  Here are some examples:

HappySoloCamper writes: This place has the best ice cream ever. They make their own waffle cones in house. Very friendly and helpful, knowledgeable staff.

Mary T says: "Home made everything - from the ice cream to the waffle cones. Really great selection of non-dairy offerings, which can be hard to find. Highly recommend you stop by and enjoy a treat."

srvtx pines: "Absolutely amazingly delicious Great flavors of ice creams and frappes and smoothies. Dont go through San Angelo without stopping here."

On any ordinary day of the year, delicious Blue Bell or any of the other ice cream chain stores will do, but today, you have to strive for something just a little bit better. The Latest Scoop is the place to find that and more.  Of course, after you taste their delicious homemade flavors, that you just can't find anywhere else, no other ice cream will ever come close.

Don't let this day go by without a visit, even if you have to drive while to get there.  It is definitely worth is.


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