Nine-year-old Sophia Campa-Peters of Brownfield, Texas captured our hearts with her passionate prayer request. She faces critical brain surgery this Wednesday (Jan. 24), and the faith and determination she has shown in the face of overwhelming odds has proven to be an inspiration to us all.

Last week, Rep. Jodey Arrington spoke on the House floor on her behalf with a powerful message about Sophia, a testament to hope and prayer, and an inspiration who needed our prayers.

And now, according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, President Donald Trump has said he will pray for little Sophia. You can watch Huckabee Sanders talk about Sophia's story in the video above.

More About Sophia

Just a few years ago, Sophia was a normal little girl. A sudden major stroke changed all that. Now, after three more major strokes and several small ones, she and her family are struggling for answers. She's been diagnosed with an extremely rare disease of which there is no known cure.

Karen Campa-Peters, Sophia's mother, explained that the blood vessels in her brain are slowly closing, which led her to suffer multiple strokes. Many doctors walked away from her case, unable to help. She has already undergone brain surgery at Cook's Hospital in Dallas.

Now, on Friday, January 26th, Sophia will undergo surgery one more time. This time, she's asking for everyone's prayers. "I want God to be bombarded by prayers on January 24th," Sophia told Lonestar 99.5 when she stopped by our studios.

You can learn more about this amazing young girl by watching the videos below.

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