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Is it officially Halloween season? I've seen Halloween decorations up around San Angelo, so it must be.

Well, if you're up for a ghost tour, there are a couple here in the state of Texas that made the national top 10 of ghost tours according to this list from the website

  1. Nightly Spirits - Multiple Cities
  2. Mysteries of Hawaii - Oahu, Hawaii
  3. Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours - San Antonio
  4. Black Cat Tours - Salem, Mass.
  5. Ghost City Tours - Savannah, Ga.
  6. Bar Harbor Ghost Tours - Bar Harbor, Maine
  7. DC by Foot Ghosts of Georgetown - Washington
  8. Secrets of St Augustine/A Ghostly Encounter - Saint Augustine, Fla.
  9. New Braunfels Ghost Tours - New Braunfels, Texas
  10. Ghosts and Gravestones Tour in Key West - Key West, Florida

The Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours website says they offer a ghost bus tour and a ghost walk which includes a haunted hotel, hospital, and church.

Take a peek inside the Menger Hotel, the “Most Haunted Hotel in Texas,” and just a block away, peer into the Emily Morgan Hotel, one of the city’s first hospitals and where many men and women lost their lives. Explore the San Fernando Cathedral, where people are buried within the walls and visitors claim to see faces mysteriously appear. Uncover the legends behind Bexar County Jail.

At New Braunfels Ghost Tours, they take you sightseeing through the German town just to the northeast of San Antonio.

Join us for a spine tingling, exciting and historic ghost walk through downtown New Braunfels. You will learn about ghosts, haunts and murderous pasts.

So, do you plan to see these nationally ranked ghost tours? Do you know of any here in San Angelo? Let us know about them on Facebook or on our station app.

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