Smart thinking led students and teachers to not open the door to a deadly school shooter claiming to be a police officer when they heard the gunman use the word "bro."

The horrific ordeal took the lives of three students and injured eight at Oxford High School in suburban Detroit, Michigan on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021.

The shooter tells the students through the door in the classroom that it's safe to come out, to which a teacher responds that they aren't willing to take that risk. The kids start to move away from the door and toward a window when they realize that this was truly not a police officer. Police officers aren't really known for calling someone "bro," and it just didn't sit well with anyone.

The student that took this video left a comment in the comment section below it that read:

"I feel really bad because we thought it was a drill and me and my friends were just playing on our phones"

I remember active shooter drills at my own high school, as well as not taking them totally seriously. You never think that something like this will happen in your school. I cannot imagine how terrifying it was for these kids to leap out of the window and run across the courtyard to another part of the building.

According to other students commenting on the thread, the teacher responsible for not allowing the shooter into the classroom, or the children out of it, is Mr. Cortez. He's a hero and a lifesaver and we can all only hope that all teachers would act just as wisely when faced with a scenario that just doesn't feel right.


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