Many local businesses are already feeling the impact of the coronavirus. While we are social distancing and quarantining, many of these businesses are losing out on revenue in a big way - but we can help them survive.

While it's very important to stay safe and healthy, we can still help these local, small businesses weather the storm.

Here are a few ways we can all help our friends and local businesses during this time.

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  • Order Carry Out or Delivery

    With the store shelves bare, you can call a delivery service for your dinner or call the restaurant and go pick it up.

  • Purchase Gift Certificates/Cards

    Purchasing gift cards, to use at a later time, gives an immediate impact on the local business and economy.

  • Shop Online

    While not all local retailers have an online store, many do. So while you're social distancing, you can still support your favorite local store(s) by purchasing from them online.

  • Tip Generously

    Less patrons mean less tips, so if you do go out to eat, or have it delivered, please tip more than usual.

  • Use Cash - Not Plastic

    Credit card companies charge businesses for each credit card transaction, so by using cash, you'll be helping the local business save money.

  • Stay Home

    Granted, staying home won't add income to the pockets of local business owners, it will help prevent further spread of the virus to said business staff and customers.

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