Here's a very throughout hour-and-a-half-long investigation video from Paranormal Files to whet your appetite for the spookiness you're sure to encounter in Mineral Wells.

Texas is home to one of the most famous haunted houses of all time, the Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells. Several paranormal investigation shows have visited the house, including the Paranormal Files and Jack Osbourne's Fright Club. The son of the Prince of Darkness himself described his experience with Hill House as "the most sinister location we visited."

Now you can stay overnight, or even book an all-inclusive wedding at Hill House.

What makes Hill House so haunted? From the website:

The House has direct ties to the Baker Hotel and was a Brothel supplying working girls and bootleg for the Baker at one point. Several Deaths in the house happened during this time.The house is reported to be inhabited by 9 spirits. We have intelligent haunting, residual haunting and visitations from the Baker Hotel.

One of the nine spirits is particularly chilling: a disfigured young boy of about six who was the son of a prostitute that worked there. Previous owners are said to have died in the house from the flu or falls.

Beyond possibly seeing a spirit, people have reported seeing objects move, experiencing nausea and headaches and even being scratched or bitten. I'm not sure what kind of infection you might get from a ghost bite, but I'm not interested in finding out.

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Are you ready to head to Mineral Wells to try your own investigation or to simply prove you're brave enough to spend the night? Overnight rentals are available starting at $400 for weeknights and $500 for weekends, with a $200 deposit in case you freak out and pee on the rug or something. If that sounds steep, remember the rental accommodates up to 10 people, which makes it sound like a really fun group vacation to me. Or a really terrifying one.

In addition to overnight stays, you can book a birthday party, which includes a cake and gift. Is the cake haunted? Guess you'll have to bite into it to find out. There's also a wedding package which includes the minister and catering. You can even book add-ons like a tarot reading, which seems totally worth it.

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