Scam Alert, San Angelo! It happens all the time. We've seen warrant scams, IRS scams, credit card scams, and more. The list keeps growing. All you need to do it is learn to spot the scam for what it is, and not fall for it

AEP Texas electricity users are the latest to be targeted. You may get a call from someone claiming to be from the company, but are posing as electric company personnel. They may tell you that you are behind on your payments, and without immediate payment via debit or credit card, your electricity will be cut off. Hang up the phone!

AEP Texas says that reports of the scammers have started popping up early this month, and would like to remind everyone not to be taken in by them. They said,

A business in Vernon, Texas received a telephone call indicating that the firm’s electricity bill was overdue and that service was about to be disconnected if payment was not made immediately.  The manager at the business was suspicious about the claim especially when the number given to call was the number of a different retail electric provider (REP).

These scammers even leave phone messages with the threat of disconnection, as well as what steps you should take. Never call back. What you should actually do is save the message and contact your local police department. If you are unsure, contact the number of your REP that is on your monthly bill. This always goes for everything else that could potentially be a scam. Always go directly to your official number, website, or representative.

Just remember that no company will just call you asking for your credit card, debit card, or account information. Always double check by calling the number on an official bill before giving away any important information over the phone.