Nissan is recalling a number of vehicles involving numerous year models and the vehicles that are being recalled just happen to be Nissan's top selling vehicle in the United States...the Rogue SUVS.

Nissan has announced the recall of around 700 thousand of their popular Rogue  vehicles covering several year models of Rogue SUVs from 2014 through 2016 both in the United States and in Canada.

It seems the problem is that water can get into the vehicle's wiring and could start a fire!

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says in documents that "water and salt can enter a wiring connector in the driver’s foot well, causing corrosion. The corrosion can disable the driver’s power window or power seat, cause the all-wheel-drive warning light to come on, or drain the battery. Government documents posted today (January 26th) say Nissan has seven reports of fires or “thermal incidents.”

You may remember that just last year, Nissan had to recall over eighteen thousand 2021 Rogues because of problems with brakes.

After the recalls then more recalls of the Rogues, it will be interesting to see if the popular SUV model remains their top seller in the U.S.

If you want to know if you have a recall on your vehicle, whether it's a Nissan or any other make and model that you may not even be aware of, click here to find the information on getting your VIN number and how to check it. Checking your vin from time to time is always a good idea especially if you have changed your address.

For more information about this latest Nissan recall, click here.

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