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Airport travel is one of those things that most people hate. Something about waiting around for what feels like forever before you have to then sit in an uncomfortable and cramped chair for hours on end isn't really an enjoyable experience.

Quick one-stop trips are mostly bearable, but if you have a connecting flight it’s a whole different story. When you have a connecting flight, you’re either forced to sprint across the airport to make your second flight because the first one was delayed, or you're stuck in the airport for several hours during a particularly long layover. Honestly, I would rather have to rush to my next gate because at least you aren’t forced to sit around in overcrowded waiting areas that aren’t much more comfortable than the plane itself.

Apparently, the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport recognized a need for more comfortable options when waiting out a long layover, so they welcomed Minute Suites into two of their terminals.

Minute Suites is a "wellness-based brand located in the airport to relieve the stress and fatigue caused by air travel." They do so by providing rooms with daybeds, refreshments and complimentary Wi-fi, DirecTV and Netflix that travelers can rent while in airports.

Minute Suites is currently available in several airports across the United States, including their two locations in terminals A and D within the DFW Airport. You can learn more about Minute Suites, including other locations, pricing, reservations and more, on their official website. You can also take a look inside one of their rooms in the DFW airport in this TikTok posted by @durbinmalonster.

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