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As someone who didn’t grow up in Texas, some of the laws here were new to me. Especially laws involving the ways alcohol can and can't be purchased.

Most of the time I still forget that you can't buy liquor at the grocery store and that you have to purchase it within designated times. Fortunately, this isn’t something that bothers me much because I'm not a big drinker, but there are still times when it’s inconvenient.

The one law that I found especially odd was that you couldn’t purchase alcohol on Sunday before noon. I understand the law was originally put in place to encourage resting and going to church on Sundays rather than drinking, but why did the law stick around for so long? If people want to drink on a Sunday, they’re going to find a way to do it, whether or not you're selling booze before lunchtime.

As far as I knew, that law was still in place. However, as someone who doesn't regularly purchase alcohol on Sundays, I was only recently made aware of changes that were made to that law around a year ago. Apparently, you can now buy wine and beer starting at 10 a.m. on Sunday, two whole hours earlier than before.

According to several sources, the push to change this legislature was based on customer convenience. I'm sure this doesn't change things for many people out there, but for those that need an extra case of beer before your favorite football team hits the field on Sunday, now you can get your fix earlier in the day.

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